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Frequently Asked Questions
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Once only known as "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving every year is the busiest, craziest consumer shopping day of the year.  Recently, however, this infamous day synonymous with first world overconsumption, unsustainability and materialism devoid of soul, has spawned a counter-celebration called Buy Nothing Day.  You can learn all about it and get plugged into ongoing efforts here.  While especially appropriate on the biggest consumer day of the year, you don't need to wait for this one date, you can have your own buy nothing day (or days!) at any time... 

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Otherwise, I hope all you fellow Americans reading this had a good Thanksgiving, focusing on the positive aspects of the holiday, such as enjoying a meal with those you care about, or any other ways you can re-appropriate the meaning of the day to fit your own values.  In the subversive spirit of my own rejection of the historical lies associated with this holiday, this year I'm posting a poetic interpretation of my painting "Little Brother", written by a Native friend of mine from the Cree tribe in North Dakota, which you can read here.  The painting was inspired by my time spent on their reservation this summer, and features a depiction of a gift they gave to me: a little leather pouch filled with sacred herbs meant to protect the recipient from harm in his or her life.  The title is a play on words, related to the famous quote "Big Brother is watching" from the George Orwell novel "1984"...a reminder that Little Brother is watching as well, waiting, plotting, surviving, protecting shreds of hope against all odds...

In art news this month, there are a few new pieces up.  One is a new painting, a self portrait I started while taking Shawn Barber's excellent portrait painting workshop at the Paradise Artist's Retreat this past September.  The other is a politically-themed promotional poster I made for the Rites Of Passage Festival I'll be attending in Melbourne, Australia, January 28-30 2011. The weekend prior I'll be tattooing at the 2nd annual Surf n Ink Convention in the Gold Coast region of Australia.  Unfortunately I'm already booked up for both shows, but I'll be teaching a seminar on advanced tattooing strategies at Surf n Ink, and selling my new painting books at both shows.

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dale earnhardt senior freestyle race kart Speaking of the books, thanks to everyone who picked one up so far, I sincerely appreciate the support and the feedback I've gotten on it. I'f you don't know about the book yet, see my previous update, below this one, for more details and links to further info! Or, if you're not observing a personal Buy Nothing Day, just order one here.


Once again, a pile of announcements to make this month.  Most importantly, my new book is finally available online through Tattoo Education and Proton Press.  I spared no expense in producing this book, and I'm really excited and proud to be able to offer it to you all for help in your own artistic journeys, or simply for your personal art enjoyment.  Being a nerdy dude and a fairly conscious consumer, I'm always curious about the process behind the products I buy, so here's a summary of how it all came together:

As for the content, I spent months writing new material, compiling photos, and completely revamping all of the old material from my original oil-painting pamphlet.  After this process I collaborated with Guy Aitchison who lent great expertise in an extensive editing process that spanned another few months, to ensure that we had a quality and thorough product.  Next I opted to work with the talented designer responsible for the look of the always attractive CrimethInc. books.  Through collaborating with him we achieved a gorgeous, modern-yet-classy presentation featuring a clothbound hardcover with red foil stamping, and a dustjacket with a fittingly Trompe L'Oeil-inspired spot-gloss finish. Then we researched ethically sound printing options, settling on a press in Canada that's unionized and uses recycled paper.  This of course bumped up the production costs, which I elected to pay out of pocket. But, it is ultimately superior to and more sustainable than the typical route of cheap Asian mass-production, in countries like China who raise considerable human rights and environmental concerns; it feels good to offer a product more closely in line with my ethics, that attempts to be a little more Earth- and people-friendly.  And finally, to show my appreciation for all of you who are quick to buy a copy, I collaborated again with the Paul F. Maul Artists' Group on a limited edition bookmark that comes free with the first 200 orders.  These bookmarks were hand-printed on an antique printing press at the CrimethInc. Far East HQ in Salem, Oregon, and have that gorgeous fine art look and feel that only a handmade process could achieve. Check out the pictures below. Old-fashioned printing is really cool, and almost extinct!

I worked with Guy to settle on a final retail price that was as reasonable as possible, and considering all that went into this book, the $60 pricetag is a steal--especially when you consider that this first edition of 2000 copies will likely be the only one with all these fancy bells and whistles.  Check out this commercial for additional info, and buy a copy here.

During Halloween weekend I took a last-minute trip to Colombia to work the 1st ever convention held in the city of Medellin, which I didn't have time to announce beforehand on my website.  It was my first time in South America and it was an incredible experience in a fascinating place.  Many thanks to all the friendly people I met and tattooed, and to all who helped and hosted me.  Hopefully I'll get some of the tattoo pictures up on the site soon, so check back for a tattoo gallery update of those and other recently-finished work.

Lastly for this month, I'll be showing my fine art Nov. 13th-21st in the annual East Austin Studio Tour, so if you live in this area, look me up on that and come out to see some of my art in person! This open studios event is huge and one of my favorite things about living in Austin.  It's inspiring to see all the artists living and working here in town and I'm glad I can take part this year after making this city my home a few years ago.